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Kitchen Remodel by Omaha Basement Pros

Kitchen Remodeling in Omaha


Plain, you’re not. Going for baroque or gravitating toward minimalism maybe, but ordinary? Never. Omaha Basement Pros isn’t an ordinary kitchen remodeling contractor either. A remodel is your chance to create the kitchen of a lifetime, and you want a contractor who won’t stand in your way. This is your kitchen, your home, and your vision. You lead the way. Our contractors follow with smart, practical advice and the expertise to carry it out.

As you well know, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Kids, family, friends, neighbors…the kitchen is where they gather. Not one of our kitchen remodels turns out the same, but we always start in the same place: meeting you and learning about your lifestyle. So whether you’re a serious home chef or your idea of the perfect meal is take out, our initial consultation will set the stage for reviewing styles, budget, likes and dislikes, must have and nice to haves.


We’ll return with a kitchen remodel design that meets your every expectation, and sometimes goes beyond. It’s the WOW moment. One of the great things about working with Omaha Basement Pros is that we have so many ideas and suggestions that get you the kitchen you want within your budget. And it really comes in handy when you know what you want, but aren’t quite sure how to put it into words. We can take your ideas from the Web, magazines, apps or anything else and turn them into a functional kitchen plan.

Your only regret about choosing Omaha Basement Pros to remodel your kitchen is that you didn’t do it sooner. Request a kitchen remodel design consultation today.

Plus, we know that while a kitchen remodel is well worth it in the end, it also causes a disruption in your daily routine. We’re realistic and accurate with our timelines. We clean up as much as humanly possible at the end of each workday. And we never send anyone into your home that we wouldn’t trust in our own. Our people are licensed and insured with a proven history of reliability.

You don’t want any surprises during the kitchen remodeling process, and neither do we. That’s why our bids are all-inclusive of electrical, plumbing, fixtures, appliances, flooring, cabinets, tile, countertops and everything else involved. And our bids are fixed, not estimates. What we state is what you pay. Our up-front pricing system is one of the biggest differentiating aspects of our business.  The final differentiation point is our constant communication through the process. You’ll never be left in the dark, and your kitchen dreams will become reality. Ready to learn more? Call us now or fill out the short form and we’ll contact you quickly about remodeling your kitchen in Douglas or Sarpy County or anywhere in the Omaha metro area. Your dream kitchen space awaits!

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